La Marató de TV3 is an annual televised event promoted by Televisió de Catalunya and La Marató de TV3 Foundation which seeks to raise funds for scientific research on diseases that, to the present day have no cure.

The live show, which is around 15 hours long, takes place in December every year. In 1992, TV3 became the first public television in Spain to broadcast a telemarathon. Further, it is the televised show that raises more funds in the country.

The event is currently watched by more than 3 million people, raises 7 million euros on average and it generates such an extraordinary interest that it is regarded as the big day of solidarity in Catalonia.

This year’s edition – the 23rd – will be broadcast on December 14th and will be dedicated to heart-related diseases, i.e. those affecting the circulatory system’s main organ. Only in 2011, such diseases caused the death to 13.000 people in Catalonia and experts contend figures might increase in the 25 years to come.

The funds raised in our December 11th event will support la Marató de TV3 project. For more information, check out La Marató de TV3 website.

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