ONCOLLIGA, Fundació Lliga Catalana d’Ajuda Oncològica, offers psychosocial attention to people with cancer and their families, during the entire duration of the sickness, with the objective of bettering their quality of life.

With the help of Dinners That Matter, we want to divulge and thank the efforts/hard work of our volunteers, who dedicate their time, knowledge and energy to accompany cancer patients and their families to help them have a better quality of life.

We would also like to thank the efforts of the Fundació Ricardo Fissas-Natura Bisé that trains estheticians, whom most of them turn into volunteers, helping to take care of patients skin who undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments as well as providing guidelines of esthetic oncology, when patient’s appearances are altered because treatments.

We also have an extensive group of women who, in a completely anonymous way, sew heart pillows to give to women who have undergone breast cancer operations and which serve to alleviate some of the post-operation pain by going under the armpit.

We also thanks to all of our volunteers (the majority of which are also women), who, thanks to their labor, allow Oncolliga to serve all the cancer patients and their families, and whose dedication complements the work of our contracted employees. These volunteers help us by supporting nurses, hospital visits, and home visits; those who have survived cancer themselves also help by sharing their stories.

With this project, we want to show our appreciation to their efforts and organize a festive event where we could thank directly to those who accompany us in the support that we provide to all cancer patients and their families.

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