Soñar Despierto has been working for 15 years on the social integration of children and adolescents supervised by the administration via two lines of highly customized support: school and leisure. The main objective is to do everything possible so that these children, often coming from marginal and unstructured environments, do not fall into social exclusion and have a decent future.

The resources obtained through the Dinners That Matter campaign will help cover the cost of scholarships for those boys and girls who want to be trained and are unable to do so due to economic reasons.

ASTE Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes volunteering among young people, training and developing projects with them to improve the quality of life for the elderly community in nursing homes in Barcelona.

The aim of the organization is to achieve two major goals. Get young people involved, training them and providing a social context that allows them to feel committed and an active part in their society, as well as working with and for the elderly. The goal is to help the elderly find a sense of their stage of life, physically and psychologically, stimulating them and offering entertainment and events.

The resources obtained through the Dinners That Matter campaign will contribute to cover part of the pharmaceutical costs at the residence of the Hermanitas de los Pobres (Sisters of the Poor) at the Plaza Tetuan, which takes care of 105 elderly and with which Aste BCN has signed a collaboration agreement promising to provide volunteers and financial support to cover their needs.

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